Why Spray Foam is A Better Investment for Structure and Health

Why Spray Foam is A Better Investment for Structure and Health

Why Spray Foam is A Better Investment for Structure and Health

Jun 02, 15
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When it comes to keeping your home well insulated, the best option is to have spray foam Insulation in Abbotsford done on your walls. Also known as Polyurethane foam, this eco-friendly, highly effective insulator comes in liquid form and then sprayed between the roof, walls, and other areas that need insulating. Once sprayed, it expands and creates a tight seal, getting into every nook and cranny of the surface. It’s also water-resistant, which is a big plus for areas that have constantly cold and wet weather.

Although other products like cellulose and fiberglass are more common in home insulating, spray foam gives you more advantages, especially when it comes to maintenance and energy saving. This insulator is also known to have better effect on your health.


Below are a few benefits in using spray foam as an insulator.

Energy Savings

You get to cut down your energy cost by half when you have spray foam insulation. Since it effectively keeps from going in or out of the home, you won’t need to keep changing and monitoring the AC or the heating system. It also stops moisture from getting into the structure. This is a big help in stopping your home or business from getting damaged. Moisture does not accumulate in places like the attic or basement so the materials in these areas of the house don’t end up rotting or getting ice damages during winter.

It’s Healthier

Since spray foam seals everything in, it can help reduce pollen and dust infiltration. This makes it perfect for homes that have kids or adults who have respiratory problems like pollen allergies and asthma.  If you live in an area where pollen tends to cover everything during certain seasons, then spray foam is for you. It can keep the air in your home particle free and well insulated. The tight seal also reduces the chance of health threatening molds from developing in your home. Companies that offer spray foam Insulation services in Abbotsford can tell you more about the specific chemicals used for the process if you want to know more.

It Gives Better Support and Structural Strength

Spray foam can give your home better support. Since it turns solid between your walls, it can make them stronger. This makes them a great choice for areas that have very strong winds. It can also add more support to your ceiling and helps keep everything intact incase calamities like tornados and storms affect the area. The material stays permanently on the surface and will not sag or fall off.

Reduces Noise

We all want to have a peaceful home or a place to work in. Spray foam can help with reducing the noise from getting into our space, as well as control the noise inside our space. The material helps absorb sound and stops it from bouncing back and creates echoes. This makes it ideal for large, open spaces or high walls and ceilings.

Adding spray foam to your home is not an easy task. This is why it’s better to have a spray foam insulation company in Abbotsford to do the job for you. It’s crucial that you hire a company to work with the spray foam in your home. The chemicals involved need specific handling, and it’s not really a do it yourself project. These professionals make sure that the materials are sprayed on correctly to maximize its efficiency.

In conclusion, shifting to spray foam insulation is more economical, offers better health benefits, adds support to your home, and rescues and controls noise. It’s one of the best investments you can make for your home or business.

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