Top Spots for Teeth Whitening in Guelph

Top Spots for Teeth Whitening in Guelph

Jun 07, 17
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Whether you choose to visit your dentist or your nearest drugstore, teeth whitening in Guelph are at your fingertips!

Teeth whitening is important service in today’s selfie-filled world. Putting your best foot forward starts with your smile. When it comes to Teeth whitening in Guelph, what are your best options?

1) See Your Dentist

More than likely, your dentist has the capability to whiten your teeth. They may not offer ALL of the teeth whitening options out there but they will be able to do a quality whitening job, and a cleaning as well! Some great options in Guelph offer ZOOM whitening. ZOOM utilized a highly concentrated peroxide gel and a low intensity light to whiten your teeth by up to 8 shades! Dr. Uszula Barrios, located in Guelph, is another great option for those looking for teeth whitening. She offers a Lifetime Teeth Whitening Program which allows patients to whiten their teeth at their twice-yearly teeth cleaning appointments for a very low cost!

2) Utilize a professional whitening service

There are several services available that offer at-home professional teeth whitening. The majority of these services can be found through your dentist, however, for those that are looking to whiten without the help of their dentist several services offer teeth whitening systems shipped right to your door. Smile Brilliant is one such service. Smile Brilliant can be ordered online is an innovative product that requires you to take your own dental impressions and mail them in. Smile Brilliant will then send custom trays and solution straight to your door for a professional level whitening without the professional.

3) Drug Store Whitening

Teeth whitening in Guelph doesn’t have to involve a dentist or custom trays. A more affordable and, some say, more convenient option for teeth whitening is at home treatment with drug store whitening systems. These systems come in tray, strip, and direct application gel form and while they may not be quite as effective as professional whitening they are a great option for those looking to go a shade or two whiter without the hassle.


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