Tips On How To Improve The Security Of Your Home

Tips On How To Improve The Security Of Your Home

Tips On How To Improve The Security Of Your Home

Jan 20, 16
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These days security is more important than ever. To be clear, there are several effective ways to improve your home and garden security. One of the best ways is to change the locks. This is especially important when you move into a new home.

Install an Alarm System and hide all wiring

Another security step is to install an alarm system. There is no better way to protect your home than with an alarm system. Home alarm systems act quickly to inform emergency authorities and warn you, the homeowner, of any potential threats or dangers. Most importantly, hide all wiring. Professional thieves constantly look for homeowners who are away from their homes for long periods of time. One way to fool them is with automatic timers. Automatic timers turn lights on and off while you are gone. Find out how fences in North York can work for you, too!

Never leave your keys in the mailbox!

Another tip is to never leave your keys in the mailbox. One way to have your keys handy but hidden is to wrap it up in foil and put it in a special location that only you and your family know about. In addition, keep the entrance of your home well lit. Lighting that has an infrared detector automatically turns on when someone is in a specific zone or area.

Install deadbolt Locks

Installing deadbolt locks is another effective and easy step to take to keep your home secure and safe. Even though they are more expensive, dead bolts are strong and provide solid protection. One tip that many don’t know about is placing hinges on the inside of your house. If your door has hinges on the outside of your house, an intruder can easily remove the hinge pin and come in. Make it hard for the intruder; reset the hinges so that they are on the inside. Fences in North York look great and provide effective security.

Don’t forget your garden area


For your garden area, plant hedges that are made from a prickly bush. A prickly bush will give an effective security barrier but at the same time make your garden look attractive. Examples of prickly bushes are: common hawthorn, pink lady and rubra. Another plant that makes a great deterrent is spiky shrubs. Keeping your shrubbery trimmed is another outdoor security measure. It is important to note that if your property is too well concealed, burglars will look at it as a great way to hide and an easy way to get into your house.

To conclude, improve your home and garden security with one or more of the above plans and stay safe and well.

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