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Reusing Wood Pallets – What to Consider

Jun 03, 15
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Social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest have highlighted countless D.I.Y projects that have something to do with old or recycled wood pallets. True, you can use used wood pallets for decorative and even functional home improvement projects. You can even reuse them for shipping your own products. What makes it even better is that there are tons of recycled or used wooden pallets in Mississauga, so you can easily buy used wood pallets. But you need to be aware that not all wood pallets are made equally and that some of them may even be dangerous to reuse.

Wood pallets are generally used in shipping. These are used as a base or platform where cargo is placed on top. Wood pallets are very sturdy and are able to take on a ton of weight, which is why people reuse them. However, depending on what the pallet was used for, it may not be safe for reuse. Some pallets are treated with chemicals that could end up harming you, so be wary about that when you’re planning to use them in your living space.

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