Prepare Or Beware This Winter As Heating Costs Are On The Rise

Prepare Or Beware This Winter As Heating Costs Are On The Rise

Jan 06, 16
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Winter has arrived, and homes will be running their furnaces in high gear trying to keep their house warm and cozy. Winter puts a strain on residential heating in London Ontario, just as summers test the endurance of air conditioners.

General maintenance will cut down on the stress winter adds to your furnace. Here a few things you want to have on your “Prepare For Winter Checklist.”

  • Change the filters in your furnace. Forcing air through clogged filters adds stress to the furnace and requires your furnace to work harder and run longer to heat the home.
  • Schedule an annual check-up for your furnace to ensure it is functioning properly. A once a year checkup could save money and extend the life of your unit.
  • Have the heating ducts cleaned. There is no point in recycling dust.
  • Cleaning the heating ducts will lessen the dust particles in the air, and reduce allergy reactions to dust.

Whether your furnace is forced air or gravity-driven, maintaining the mechanics of your furnace will save money in repairs and extend the life of the furnace. Now is also a good time to schedule a check-up for the air conditioning unit. Being prepared and maintaining your appliances saves money and inconvenience. Nothing is worse than a cold wintery day and the furnace shuts down, or a hot summer day and you suddenly have no air conditioning.

Prepare Or Beware This Winter As Heating Costs Are On The Rise

Changing filters in your A/C and the furnace is financially prudent. Creating a relationship with your maintenance company will ensure your expensive home appliances will last for many years to come, and put your mind at ease as the seasons rapidly change.

Cleaning air ducts in your home will remove allergens from filtering dust particles through the air you and your family breathe. Dust accumulates in the air ducts and causes hot and cold spots. You may have noticed some rooms are warmer, or colder than others. Avoid indoor climate changes by having your maintenance company check the areas that have uneven heating or cooling areas. Adjustments are easily made to increase or decrease the flow of air to specific areas. You may also want to consider shutting the flow of air off to rooms you rarely use during the winter.

Little To-Do’s That Will Keep Residential Heating in London Ontario Costs Down This Winter

  • Replacing the weather-stripping around exterior doors leading in and out of your home will save money over time by keeping the cold outside and the heat inside.
  • Check for air leaks around windows.
  • Weather strip Pet Doors.
  • Keep the heat thermometer between 68 and 70 degrees. Following this little change can save 5% on your heating costs.
  • Lower the temperature on your water heater to Normal. The water will still be hot and will not affect the dishwasher or washing machine functions at all.

Remember, every little precaution you make in maintaining your appliances will save money over time and keep you and your family comfortable during the winter and summer months.

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