Pointers on Cleaning your Dryer Vent

Pointers on Cleaning your Dryer Vent

Pointers on Cleaning your Dryer Vent

Jul 10, 15
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When you begin to notice that your dryer is taking longer than one cycle to dry your laundry, or that your dryer is becoming unusually hot to the touch even if it’s been in use for just a few minutes, it may be time to look at its vent or exhaust system to see if it’s working properly. High heat and inefficiency can often be traced to poor airflow caused by lint and other debris blocking the vent.

If left alone, this blockage can:

· Turn into a serious fire hazard, as high heat can affect the integrity of electrical components, creating a spark that can set fire to the lint buildup.
· Cause longer drying times
· Increase your dryer’s electricity consumption
· Reduce your dryer’s lifespan

If you find that your clothes are hot but still damp after a drying cycle, it’s probably time to clean the dryer vent. If the problem is minor, you can probably handle the cleaning on your own; otherwise, you’ll want to look for a company that can clean your dryer vent in Ottawa. Since dryer vents can take time to clean, as well as leaving you covered in dirt and lint, it’s often better to get some help, especially if you’ve never done it before.

In any case, here are the basic steps on how to clean your dryer vent.


Unplug the Dryer

As is the case when doing maintenance on any kind of appliance, the first step is to unplug the dryer so you don’t electrocute yourself while cleaning it. And since you’re going to be clearing out quite a bit of dust and lint, it’s a good idea to wear a breathing mask to keep from inhaling the airborne particles. If you’re asthmatic and have dust allergies, it’s strongly recommended that you hire a company that can clean your dryer vent in Ottawa instead.

Cleaning the Vent’s Interior

1. Use a vacuum cleaner with a crevasse attachment to suck out debris from the area beyond the lint trap. Vacuum cleaners work best, as they allow you to reach sections farther up the vent. Although typical household vacuum cleaners are often enough to handle the job, a strong shop vacuum cleaner is often the best tool for the job.

2. Remove the flexible hose from the dryer’s rear section after clearing out the area beyond the lint trap.

3. Inspect the hose for any debris or objects trapped inside besides lint. Thoroughly vacuum the hose, the back of the dryer, and the wall and floor behind the dryer. Be sure to reattach the hose after cleaning.

4. Make sure to clean or vacuum any pipes and parts that are attached to the dryers exterior exhaust vent.

5. Return the dryer back into its original position.

Cleaning the Vent’s Exterior

1. Find your exterior dryer vent and remove the vent plate, using a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside. Replace the plate once done.

2. For hinged vents, vacuum on the inside and around the hinges, taking care to check that the hinges are still in good condition and swing easily—this helps ensure the vent can release air properly. Fix the hinges if they show signs of wear and tear, to ensure your dryer functions normally.

3. Once you’ve cleaned both the interior and exterior vent, return everything to their original position, and run a drying cycle on your machine, without anything in it.

At this point, the dryer should be working perfectly, and all your clothes should be warm and dry. If not, don’t hesitate to call a company that cleans and repairs dryer vents in Ottawa.

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