Pest Control Tips Inside Your Home

Pest Control Tips Inside Your Home

Pest Control Tips Inside Your Home

May 07, 15
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Ahh Spring! With Spring comes life. Plants start to grow, grass turns greener and of course, in come the insects. With the frost gone, insects will now do their best to look for new habitats. That is why Spring is also a high time for people to look for services for pest control in Barrie. But you can also do your part in ensuring pest control in your home.

The main issue that you have to understand is that pest proofing doesn’t apply to all pests at once. Although there are certain things that you can do to minimize the rise of these pests, it doesn’t apply to all pests. But these general tips are helpful reminders that we should remember so that the succeeding pests will no longer have recurring trips. Basically the idea is to ensure that the pests have no points of entry to your home or places where they can breed inside the house:

Blocking all entry points

The first goal in any pest control plan is to ensure that there are limited entry points for these pests. Since insects are still looking for new homes to thrive, blocking all entry points can greatly reduce the amount of infestation at your home. To start with, seal all openings in your plumbing, electrical lines, and phone lines. These become entry points for many insects. Any cracks and crevices in the walls of your home should also be sealed up. Wooded parts of your homes in particular, need to be checked.

Pest Control Tips Inside Your HomeLimit to no food supply

The next goal is to limit food supply. Pests will still need to look for food in your home. Some pests hunt on other insects but if no source of food can be found, then NO insect would make a nest in your home. Effective pest control is limiting the source of food and water for insects. So ensure that there is proper ventilation in all rooms so no damp areas exist.

Always clean up

Needless to say, cleaning and sweeping will also help as any small traces of food may become their source of food. A clean home will rarely get pest infestations as there is a lack of food for the insects. The kitchen and bathroom should also be well ventilated so that the moist will not be used by the ants and other pests as water source.

No hiding places

If you have attics, cellars and basements at home, be sure to check those areas as well as they are great hiding places for all sorts of pests including rats and mice. These places may also have decayed wood. These become great hiding places for ants and termites.

Steps To Ensure Pest Control Outside Your Home

The steps mentioned in the inside of the home can only prevent any insects from getting inside. But pest control Barrie areas could never be truly accomplished if the nearby areas are crawling with insects.

Ensure that the gutters and the roof lines in your home are repaired. If it is damaged or has many cracks, it becomes an easy breeding area for all forms of passage for pests such as ants, termites, beetles and many more. These are the closest areas where insects can other pests can breed. And they may even find their way into your home.

You also will need to remove any decaying or organic materials near your home such as plants, leaves, wood, etc. as these become sources of food for insects and many pests.

Still, the best way to prepare for Spring is to call your local pest control experts in your areas. Let them help you prepare for next season’s influx of pest problems. One key advice is to get to the problem early.

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