Ideas for Using Natural Stone and Rocks in your Outdoor Spaces

Ideas for Using Natural Stone and Rocks in your Outdoor Spaces

Ideas for Using Natural Stone and Rocks in your Outdoor Spaces

Jun 01, 15
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Natural stone and rock are a great material to use in any landscape makeover. Rocks offer contrast and texture, providing durable ground-cover that survives with little to no maintenance at all.

If you’re looking to hire a company offering landscaping services with stonework in Mississauga, here are some ideas you can suggest to the contractor.

  1. Select the perfect rocks according to your landscape

Your choice of rocks will serve as the foundation on which the tone of the rest of your outdoor space will be based on. For instance, beach pebbles with a tawny quality will add warmth to your lawn or yard, while white marble chips create the illusion of brightness in shaded or dark areas. Black lava rocks are great for minimalist landscapes, or gardens with a distinct Polynesian feel.

Your garden theme and setting will often dictate the appropriate rock and stone of choice. For example, terracotta stones are great for landscapes with a tropical theme, but they simply won’t look as good in a formal garden.

Because rocks practically last forever, it’s important to choose something you think you will like for many years.

  1. Substitute mulch with rocks

Rocks have a higher initial cost than mulch, but they offer several substantial advantages as a groundcover solution. Many companies that offer stonework in Mississauga like rocks because they are simply more durable, and will last for years with little to no maintenance. In contrast, mulch has to be replaced each season.

Natural stone, particularly those with a pale hue, create great contrasting effects when placed next to green foliage, also serving as “natural brighteners” of your landscape.

You can draw attention to a beautiful tree or shrub by highlighting the area around it with river stones, which create the illusion of a living sculpture. Rocks also prevent the growth of weeds around precious plants, but don’t let that stop you from placing a weed barrier before laying down your stones

  1. Create a rock garden

For arid regions where growing gardens is impossible, rock gardens are a great way to have a beautiful landscape even with the uncooperative climate. Start by choosing an area exposed to plenty of sunlight and erect two to three small boulders. Follow this up by surrounding the boulders with tightly-grouped low-lying flowers like ground orchids, cacti, and portulaca.

You can then fill in the gaps between the boulders and plants with smaller stones in a color that flatters the larger rocks.

  1. Create a focal point

Rocks work great as a focal point in your outdoor space. Choose a larger, unique looking boulder and use it as a centerpiece in a small, minimalist garden. Rocks also create interest, breaking the monotony of border hedges and other similar “boring” areas.

  1. Place rocks around your backyard pond

You can hide unsightly pond liners using large natural rocks, which not only provide a camouflage effect, but also give your pond that fairytale appeal desired by so many. To create the most natural-looking effect possible, stick to using similar-sized rocks in irregular colors and shapes. Stay away from rectangular pavers, which scream “artificial.”

  1. Build a path with stepping stones

A stepping stone path is the perfect way to use flat rock to draw people’s attention to your garden’s interest points. It’s also a practical way of keeping people’s shoes clean when entering your front, back and side doors.

To create a clean look, you can surround your stepping stones with small pebbles in a brighter or darker color (depending on the stepping stones) to hide any dirt.

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