Furry Little Fiends and How to Eliminate Them


Furry Little Fiends and How to Eliminate Them

Dec 17, 15
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Finding the Right Fit

The most important aspect of getting rid of any animal in your area is finding someone that you know can do a good job, or in fact if they even do the job at all. There are many kinds of pests both furry and not so much that different contractors and services handle. So if you can, shop around.

Attempt to find someone that is humane, that can work quickly, has experience, and costs less than an arm and a leg to hire. Go over: What are their processes of removal? What do they cost? Do they offer more variety in the animals they catch than other services, or less? Etc. Especially pay attention to the area you live in. Some areas have more services than others such as in Canada with companies such as Liddle Rascals, and ‘Skedaddle’. Two Raccoon removal services that know there stuff.

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Remaining Calm

Animal Emergencies can come in all shapes and sizes, from a true test to a mild annoyance. In any case KEEP YOUR COOL. If a child is near danger you can make a difference. Most animals will only attack if threatened. This is something that can happen quickly if the child panics, which they may do if they see you panicking first. On the other hand you may think nothing of it and accidentally set it off. Break it down into these simple steps.

Identify the problem. Make sure the area is clear. Call the professionals. Stay well back until they arrive or tell you otherwise. It’s not that hard to remember, and if there is an issue or danger, do NOT rush into it yourself.
The Animal’s Safety

Remember the line about striking when threatened? That goes for most animals on the planet. There are few that are violent just because. This is the main reason that you need to call Raccoon removal of some kind ASAP and step back. Rodents in particular can get large enough to harm you when tormented or violated.


After your own, the animal’s safety is paramount. This is something that all services should consider such as Liddle Rascals and the others mentioned earlier. As far as the creature is concerned it doesn’t even know that it’s encroached on your territory. Don’t do anything to make the animal uncomfortable – especially if animal babies are involved. Watch what they do and where they go carefully so that you can give accurate information to the services that you hire. Don’t feed them, at worst you can get bitten, and at best you’ll encourage them to stick around.

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