Frame Ideas for Photos

Frame Ideas for Photos

Frame Ideas for Photos

Jul 10, 15
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No matter how many photos you have uploaded to Facebook or saved in your computer, there’s still something romantic and timeless about having memories printed and displayed for everyone to see. Maybe you want to have a photo of your family printed, or a remembrance of your baby’s first steps to show off at home or even at work.

We often want to display our sentimental and memorable moments, and what better way to display these than with a beautiful picture frame? Frames not only highlight and make photos stand out from the wall or background, they also help protect and preserve them. They act as decorative details to your space and add more life to any room. Some shops offer custom picture framing in Toronto, which ensures that the frames you get look amazing and will protect your memories for years.

Here are a few picture frame ideas for your next memorable photograph.

Vintage Frames

For those who want to give their space and their photo an older, classical look, choose a frame that has a vintage design. Think of the old wooden frames you often see holding those magnificent portraits and paintings in a museum. Designs with scrolled and curved edges and distressed and faded paint will give any frame a beautiful vintage look. Go online or visit a framing shop to check out all the possible vintage frame designs. You can even find old frames in flea markets and have them repaired to give them new life.

Classic Black and White

You can never go wrong the black and white combination. It’s a classic look that can make any photo stand out. Since they’re also neural colors, they work well with both colored and black and white photos. Create bold statements with solid black and white frames or use frames with different black and white pattern to add some depth to your photo. Mix and match patterns or alternate the colors for a more interesting frame.

Wooden Frames

Wooden frames never go out of style. When you have a wooden custom picture framing for your photos, you can choose all the details of your frame’s build. For example, you can ask to have a frame made from sweet smelling softwood, long lasting hardwood, or choose a wood with a colour and grain that makes it truly unique. It’s also very easy to make a wooden frame look even more interesting, by painting it or give it a different texture by sanding and smoothing the wood by different means.

Since it’s custom made, you can ask the framers to create a frame that really satisfies your needs. Most ready-made frames often follow a certain pattern or size. But with customized wooden ones, you can have a frame made to fit even the biggest and smallest photos.


If you want a more modern, industrial look to your photo frame, you can opt for one made of metal. Metal, like wood, can be molded into different shapes and sizes. You can find ones that have intricate designs and details, or plain and simple looking ones. They’re easy to clean and maintain so you can use these frames for a long time without worrying about them breaking, or getting damaged. You can find these in a variety of color, from rich copper to shiny silver and gold.

Getting custom made picture framing will not only save you the hassle of having to find the right frame for your photos, you also get a beautiful investment that can last a long time. Most custom framing businesses will give after care services and cleaning so you can maintain your frame’s beauty for a long time.

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