Digital Interactive Photobooths: Fun Ways to Make Your Party a Big Success

Digital Interactive Photobooths: Fun Ways to Make Your Party a Big Success

Jun 16, 15
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If there’s one thing I look for when going to parties and special occasions, that would be that particular feature that makes it stand out from the others I’ve been to. I believe that that’s the whole point of organizing parties-make the night totally unforgettable.

And yes, these days I’ve been noticing that parties and events are becoming memorable in their own right by using digital interactive photobooths. This is definitely new to me, since I’m used to the conventional photobooths, with a photographer taking my pictures in wacky props and having them printed right away. But hey, with digital interactive photobooths now in place, I think party setups have really gone to a whole new level.

So what have I discovered about digital photobooths? Well, I (and my mom, unknowingly) learned three types of digital photobooths being used these days. And they are:

  1. User-controlled interactive photobooths. These photobooths are definitely fun since I got to control them myself! Just take for example the CNN Philippines photobooth which featured the network’s hosts and anchors: guests can not only have their photos taken with the CNN backdrop-they also get to choose which host or reporter to take a shot with! The photobooth showcased touch screen controls where guests can select the backdrop and the host of the show that they want to be with on the photo, and have their picture taken and printed in a matter of seconds!
  1. Digital Interactive photobooths-with dedicated themes. Most photobooths feature the brand name itself, and that’s already great. But how about adding a custom theme that reaches out to your audience? Well, one time I accompanied my mom to a party and there was an interactive photobooth called “Boogie Me.” It was actually a very funny photobooth because it takes headshots of guests and imposes them to dancers doing the boogie on a 70’s themed dance floor. My mom was so eager to go to the Boogie Me photobooth-and yes, she had her (and mine too!) photo taken! And guess what: we really looked good as ‘70s disco goers on the photo!
  1. Augmented reality photobooths. Augmented reality helps a lot in sparking change for every brand, and if the brand you’re promoting is into giving its target audience a big change in their lives, then this is definitely the kind of photobooth to get. Just take for example how Dermclinic did it: to help engage their target audience, the brand launched a photobooth where guests can take a picture of them and how they would look like when they use the brand’s services by means of augmented reality filters. The experience was very exciting, as they were able to get a sneak peek of how Dermclinic can change their lives even without trying the brand first hand.

It’s interesting to know that digital photobooths are still not as common as they seem. In fact, only a few suppliers are around here in the Philippines, and one of them is Waveplay interactive, who is behind the Boogie Me photobooth and the CNN Philippines user-controlled digital photobooth setup. And yes, Waveplay Interactive also dabbles on other interactive ideas for parties and events-including motion sensor games and floor projection games. Why not check out their website at today?

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