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How to Care For Natural Hair Wedding Hairstyles

How to Care For Natural Hair Wedding Hairstyles

Sep 15, 15
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Natural hair is adorable and is loved by many ladies, especially during weddings. However, as one grows older, keeping natural hair becomes harder. This has seen many ladies seeking for other solutions. The truth is, regardless of your age, you can still have lovely natural hair by simple paying extra attention to the tips below.

How to Care For Natural Hair Wedding Hairstyles1) Cut down on shampoo

Washing your hair with lots of shampoo leads to hair dry which makes it susceptible to breaking. This is because shampoo is made from drying products. If you have to use shampoo on your natural hair care, it is advisable to first dilute it using the same amount of water. If you have dry hair, use conditioner to wash your hair. You can visit hair salon and spa in Yonge and Eglinton for quality conditioning.

2) Handle your hair carefully

Hair stands are thin and easily break when not handled carefully. It is important to note that Africansí hair strands are the thinnest while Asiansí hair strands are the thickest. This means Africansí hair will not survive the same handling as Asian hair. Carefully handling your hair is a very important part of natural hair care.

3) Use organic hair products

Organic products are the best natural hair products. These products will keep your hair moisturized for longer periods. While shopping, always pay attention to ensure you only buy products that are labeled ĎOrganicí. Natural products used to make hair products are jojoba oil, almond, and coconut oil. Products made from Aloe Vera are also advisable since they help you to achieve smooth and shiny hair.

4) Go for frequent deep conditioning

Deep condition your hair at least once every 5 days. If you are quite busy, donít let a full week lapse before your hair is deep conditioned. Application of natural oil after conditioning sessions will help seal the moisture in.

5) Moisturize your ends

How to Care For Natural Hair Wedding HairstylesThe ends are the oldest part of your hair. Apart from being old, they also rub against things such as clothes and seat rests which dame them. In order to help protect them from damages, frequent application of natural hair products made from castor oil or coconut oil is recommended. Moisturizing your ends will also protect them from splitting.

6) Donít heat your hair

Heat is not good for your hair. If you like styling your hair using heat styling products, you should reduce the number of times you style to less than twice a month. Using heat protection shampoo will help reduce the amount of damage the heat does to your hair.

7) Use satin pillowcase

If you love your hair free while sleeping, always use satin or silk pillowcases. Avoid pillowcases made from other materials and bacteria quickly accumulate on them. Bacteria are known to cause acne. If you love your hair tied, use silk scarf.

Natural hair is beautiful and nothing should stop you from keeping one during your wedding. Visiting hair salon and spa in Yonge and Eglinton will boost the quality of your natural hair. They have experienced professionals who will offer you personalized services.

A Guide on Moving your Wedding Guests

A Guide on Moving your Wedding Guests

Feb 27, 15
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Moving your guests can be an unexpected problem on the wedding day. If your wedding has several guests from out of town, youíll need to think of a convenient way for them to go to and from your wedding venue, and to and from the reception area. Providing a transport solution is a kind gesture that saves out-of-town guests from the hassle of getting a cab or renting a car, and it does away with the issue of designating an official driver. Moreover, by pooling people together in a bus rental, for example, you can shuttle them to and from the hotel without worrying about drunk driving.

While all that is indeed nice and thoughtful on your part, remember that the cost of hiring transport for several people can be prohibitive. So it pays to explore your options. Here we look at different transportation solutions specifically chosen for weddings and their guests, beginning with the most popular option: the hotel shuttle.

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