Best Oriental Carpet-Producing Countries

Best Oriental Carpet-Producing Countries

Best Oriental Carpet-Producing Countries

Feb 04, 15
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Oriental carpet making have been produced since the 1800s or even earlier. Many countries such as India and China lead the market as the best producers in the world. Knot types, materials, use of machines, and styles account for differences in their quality and beauty. Below are some of the best oriental carpet-producing countries worldwide.

Best Carpet-Producing Countries

1. India

India is the largest exporter of carpets worldwide. Its 9/9 knot count carpets and its designs, both modern and traditional, are well known. Indian carpets have coarser wool content; due to their durability and heavy weight, they require good carpet cleaning.

2. Pakistan

Pakistan is second highest world producer. It creates high-knot count, hand-knotted Oriental carpets, the most popular of which are the Bokhara and Peshawar carpets having traditional colors and classic designs. They also produce carpets with modern designs and cotton-and-wool blended carpets.

3. Iran

Iran has recently reduced production, although it is very well-known for its superior carpets in terms of knot style and overall quality.

4. Afghanistan

Afghanistan has decades of experience in making Oriental carpets. Currently, most of the carpets that it produces are finished and washed in Pakistan.

5. China

China is also a world leader in making high quality hand knotted Oriental carpets. It has centuries of experience behind it, making diverse styles from Persian colors and motifs to pastel colored, signature designs. It now produces many machine-made carpets

6. Turkey

Recently, Turkey, like China, has reduced its production of hand-knotted Oriental carpets. Machine made carpets dominate the industry in this country, although silk carpets of high quality are still being made. Carpet cleaning companies know that prices of carpets from Turkey are relatively higher due to high labor costs.

7. Nepal

Nepal is a relatively new but important player in the Oriental carpet industry. Its hand knotted carpets made from bamboo silk have a high demand.

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