A Guide on Moving your Wedding Guests

A Guide on Moving your Wedding Guests

A Guide on Moving your Wedding Guests

Feb 27, 15
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Moving your guests can be an unexpected problem on the wedding day. If your wedding has several guests from out of town, you’ll need to think of a convenient way for them to go to and from your wedding venue, and to and from the reception area. Providing a transport solution is a kind gesture that saves out-of-town guests from the hassle of getting a cab or renting a car, and it does away with the issue of designating an official driver. Moreover, by pooling people together in a bus rental, for example, you can shuttle them to and from the hotel without worrying about drunk driving.

While all that is indeed nice and thoughtful on your part, remember that the cost of hiring transport for several people can be prohibitive. So it pays to explore your options. Here we look at different transportation solutions specifically chosen for weddings and their guests, beginning with the most popular option: the hotel shuttle.

Hotel Shuttle

If you’re planning to book several rooms for your guests at a hotel, you may want to check if they offer a complimentary shuttle service between your hotel and the wedding venue. However, most hotel shuttles typically seat only 15 to 20 people, so be sure to take into account your number of guests.

Besides the hotel, ask the wedding venue if they offer a similar service for your guests. And if you can’t get it for free, both the venue and the hotel might offer transport at a lower cost than other options. Don’t be afraid to ask and explore.

Coach Buses

Coach buses are perhaps the most elegant option for large weddings, and though they’re more expensive than a shuttle service, the fact that they can carry 40 to 60 guests for every trip makes them a cost effective option—you can carry more if guests are willing to stand in the bus.

Coach bus rental rates vary widely between cities, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $700 and $1300 to rent a coach for 6 to 8 hours.

Passenger Vans

Rental rates for passenger vans or minivans start at $100 at most car rental companies. Don’t forget that you still need to designate a driver, so prepare to shell out another $50 for a friend or relative to drive guests to and from the hotel and wedding venue. So for $200, you already have a cost-effective transport option for your wedding guests.

School Buses

Although they don’t exactly look sexy, school buses are an even more cost-effective transport option than coach buses. And if you and your guests are game, the yellow bus can be a real charmer if you decorate it a little—you end up with a spunky ride for the entourage.

Ask your local school district if you can rent their school buses; depending on your city, rental rates can be anywhere between $200 and $500 for a 8-hour period. An even better option? Look for local companies that own the school buses. They’re more likely to take better care of the buses than the school districts.


Trolleys exude old school cool, giving your wedding a charming and whimsical aura. They’re a photo op just waiting to happen, and can set the tone or theme for the whole wedding.

The problem with trolleys is that they can be hard to find if you’re not in a big city, but if you can find one, they can make a memorable ride not just for the entourage, but for the bride and groom themselves.

Trolleys also only carry small numbers of people; they’re better off being exclusive to the entourage and bride and groom. Expect to pay anywhere between $400 and $800 to rent one for 6 to 8 hours.

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