A Detailed Look at 2017 Facebook Marketing Trends and What to Expect in 2018

A Detailed Look at 2017 Facebook Marketing Trends and What to Expect in 2018

Nov 29, 17
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Although there are other social media platforms today, Facebook remains the world’s largest social media network and an extremely powerful marketing channel with features dedicated to promoting a business brand. However, the Facebook marketing trends are constantly changing and evolving almost every year. The marketing strategies you’ve been depending on this year may not be as helpful as next year.

And now that 2017 is almost over, let us take a good look at the different Facebook marketing strategies and learn what to expect next year:

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1. Video Content – Over the years, video posts have become increasingly popular on social media networks. According to a reliable website, videos account for 0.9% of all posts on Facebook. Incorporating videos in your content marketing strategy helps promote business brand and engage existing and potential customers. Adding captions in videos is also effective since some audience watch videos without sounds.

2. Live Video – Although regular videos are widely popular in Facebook, creating live videos are more effective. Facebook live videos made headlines in April 2017. Businesses can take advantage of live videos to promote their respective brands to their target audience. Live videos are thrice as likely to be viewed by Facebook users than the regular ones.

3. Call to Action or Contact Us Buttons – This new Facebook feature helps encourage potential customers to respond immediately to a business’ marketing efforts or immediate sale of product, and/or services offered by a company. You can add a Contact Us button on your Facebook business page at the right-hand bottom corner of the cover photo to allow customers to easily get in touch with your business.

4. Customer Service Page – Facebook business pages have become an effective platform for communication between businesses and their customers. Good communication and quick response are crucial in starting and building strong business relationships with customers. Facebook allows entrepreneurs to send automated response to customers or an “away” button to let customers know you are unavailable at the time.

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5. Lookalike Audience – Facebook allows businesses to build ads that target “lookalike audience” that are similar to their target customers. This feature helps businesses reach new potential customers who are likely to be attracted to their brands. According to expert marketers, it is a smart move to incorporate a source audience that comes from the brand’s best customers into Facebook marketing strategies. It helps boost the opportunities to gain more a more relevant audience.

6. Facebook Ads – Although social media platform advertisements are not new in online marketing, this niche concept became more popular with brands due to its importance across different social media platforms, especially Facebook. In this new age of online marketing, businesses can easily get in touch with millions of potential customers around the world and meet their marketing objectives using a variety of targeting and advertising options. Some of the possible adverts you can choose from Facebook ads include Page Post Engagement, Conversions on Website, Lead Ads, Clicks to a Website, and many more.

7. Recommendation from Friends – An effective way to boost a brand’s marketing campaign and acquire marketing leads is to have target customers recommend your business to their friends. Facebook users can ask for recommendations for services near them and can get advice from their trusted friends. That is why 2017 is a great year to start making good impressions and turn them into new leads through Facebook recommendations feature.

8. Fewer Posts per Week – With the decline in the number of organic reach in posts, many Facebook business page managers are flustered whether to increase the frequency of their post to combat the algorithm changes. To answer this mystery, a small study conducted by Locowise showed an analysis of how posting frequency can affect the reach, engagement, and negative feedback received:

Interestingly, the result of the study revealed that Facebook business pages with single posts a week have the highest organic reach and audience engagement. It only showed that the organic reach decreases as the number of posts increases. A study conducted by Social@Ogilvy also supported the result of this study.

Over the years, more businesses joined the bandwagon of Facebook marketing by posting multiple posts a day. Unfortunately, Facebook filtered thousands of posts and many of them never reached their target audience. With the staggering amount of content to be filtered everyday, Facebook developed a complex algorithm that filters and shows interesting and engaging posts relevant to followers.

Facebook Marketing Tips for 2018

Some of the marketing trends in 2017 may still be widely used next year (including video, call to action, customer service page, and Facebook ads). However, some new set of trends that provides immediate results, helps small businesses reach out to their potential customers, and boost brand awareness. Here are some Facebook marketing tips to explore in 2018:

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1. Cover Videos – Although Facebook launched cover videos in 2017, they may continue to make a pretty big deal in the marketing trend. It helps add more life in your Facebook instead of using standard cover photos. If you plan to promote a new product or services, you can make a cover video that explains how to use the product or how customers can benefit from your latest offerings.

2. Create Stories – One of the effective techniques is creating interesting and engaging Facebook stories. The goal behind ephemeral posts is to feature a new content type that centres on fleeting moments, rather than long-term plans.

3. Business Metrics – In 2018, daily or weekly postings may become irrelevant. Professional Facebook marketers recommend posting updates that are timely and relevant, like a new product or service announcement, seasonal features, and logistical type messages. Businesses can use the Ads Manager where brand building messages are pushed out. Ads Manager also provides Facebook business page manager to take control various aspects like targeting, reach and frequency, freeing up time, and creating content. Aligning Facebook strategies with business metrics are necessary for boosting posts for clicky users.

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