3 Tips That Make It Easier To Take Kids to Their Brampton Dentist Appointment


3 Tips That Make It Easier To Take Kids to Their Brampton Dentist Appointment

Jul 17, 17
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To a child, a dental appointment can seem intimidating! It doesn’t have to be that way. Help your kids look forward to a trip to Brampton dentist with these three practical tips.

Do your kids resist going to the dentist? Sometimes small children are wary of the equipment, procedures, and new people that they will encounter during a trip to the dentist. Here at our offices, we have found that there are a few practical ways that parents can help their children look forward to their trip in for their Brampton dentist appointment, rather than fighting or dreading it. Here is what we’ve learned, over years of seeing many kids!

  1. Lead by Example

Experts say that kids pick up a great deal of information about their surroundings through the process of observation. Children watch adult’s facial expressions, actions, and listen to the words that come out of their mouths. It is so important to see that a child is absorbing all of the words that are said around them, not just the words directly said to them. So begin to speak about the dentist in a positive way when you are on the phone or in conversations with other adults, and your child will pick up on your attitude!

  1. Bring a Child to Their Older Sibling’s Appointment

A great way to introduce a young child to the idea of going to the dentist is to make a big deal about taking their older sibling to the dentist. You can build up some excitement for the younger sibling by saying things like “One day, you’ll get to have your own dentist appointment too, just like Johnny! When you’re big enough, you get to sit in a chair here at the Brampton dentist clinic just like that!” This way, a dental procedure can feel like a privilege.

  1. Make It a Celebration

After your child’s first dentist appointment, celebrate a little! This will add a feeling of excitement to the experience and help them associate the trip with something fun, so that they look forward to the next visit. Your celebration does not have to be extravagant; it can be something small like doing a listening to a song and having a little living room dance party, or doing something else special that you know your child enjoys. Have fun with it!

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