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Exploring Carcar’s Food Gems with Self-drive Cars Cebu

Apr 17, 17
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Cebu is known for lechon, ampao, and chicharon but most don’t know that the best actually come from the same place, Carcar! And what better way to get to these mouthwatering delights when you get to drive their in a Cebu self drive car rental. Get to know these must-eat food and discover more!



Lechon is a quintessential part of any Filipino celebration. Each city has a known roaster but the guys from Carcar take it to a whole other level that only the fewest can even measure up to. Crispy skin shouldn’t just be crispy; it should also be flavorful and cascade down into each bite of the meat. Drive your Cebu self drive car rental down to the public market, buy a kilo and some puso (hanging rice), some cold softdrinks, and share them with the people you love for lunch!



A well known snack by Filipinos, ampao is one of those treats you would crave for because of not only the color they have but because they’re very sweet yet light and will not ruin your appetite right before dinner. Who knew a humble block of puffed rice could get so famous?



Chicharon is something you can eat alone or with rice. Cebu is known for good chicharon but Carcar is famous for making the best bite ever. It would be hard to miss it along the road while driving your self-drive cars in Cebu for you can see stalls upon stalls of this gem along the streets from the moment you enter the city’s vicinity.
If you have Cebu self drive car rental you can head down there without much effort from your hotel. True, you can go as the locals would do it but with a car for rent Cebu, you have the freedom of time! You can stay as long as you want and be able to explore much more of the city. So, what are you waiting for, book a ride with Cebu Prince and Princess Rent a Car & Services and get ready to be amazed!