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Reasons Why You Should Go for Interactive Social Media Posts

Mar 20, 17
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The interactive technology in the Philippines has grown from strength to strength, creative numerous viral contents for the public eye to feast on day in and day out. This advent of social media development has gotten brands going full swing with regards to their social media interactions. Some even would invest time, money and much effort in creating interactive social media posts so that they can ensure that each content will surely go viral and bring their name along with its social media fame.

You don’t really see a lot of posts online using the same technology as it is relatively new. One of the first users of this tool is Waveplay Interactive. They created an on-site 360 Selfie moment with Enrique Gil and the guests when Grips Hair Wax launched him as their newest brand ambassador.

Tools like LoopAR and 360 Selfie, from Waveplay Interactive, have a great potential to go viral because it can be used alongside a company’s brand ambassador and can be posted on social media accounts instantly. Coupled with the right hashtags on each post, a single post can reach thousands within minutes and garner the favor of the viewing public faster than you can blink.

The level of effectivity of each content depends on how far the reach is. The further the reach, the more effective it is. But how can this be attained? Simple, by properly pairing your ambassador or guests with the type of technology you’re going to use. Take interactive photobooths for example. You can choose to either create a ¬†video booth experience enhanced with augmented reality or create an interactive videobooth to capture the brand with the guests. A still image booth is great for closed gatherings where there is a shortlist of people invited while the videobooth would be best for mall tours, public product launching and what have you. This move should be well thought and calculated to ensure the best results.

The technology is still rather new to the public eye which leads a lot to any company/brand to move and get creative on. Basically, the one with the most eye catching content wins.